Roads & The People Map

We all have roads and people maps and on them are people pointing us in the direction of our dreams.  Sometimes, it’s a story they share that reminds us that’s where we want to go too. Sometimes, it’s a suggestion or a bit of advice.  I feel  like the quintessential “grasshopper” of sorts and have several “masters” lending their wisdom and insight, which is a great thing especially now, when I feel somewhat embroiled in the muck.  One of the hardest things for me to do, is to stop doing. I pride myself on being driven and tenacious. However, I’ve reached a point where taking a break of sorts, resting and regrouping, is a necessary ingredient to the well being of my life. 

Today I had lunch with my photography mentor and good friend Aline Smithson.  I told her a bit about what’s going on, or not going on, personally and professionally and she suggested that I start keeping a journal, actually, two journals… one for ideas and one for me to share thoughts and feelings… as in The Artist’s Way.  I used to do this a long time ago, but I knew that as soon as she said that, that it was time to do it again…    I was telling her how I felt inflicted by too many ideas and she suggested I write them all down while concentrating on a couple.  Sage advice… and crucial reminder because I was beginning to feel like the mad scientist, all alone in my laboratory, devising formulas but never knowing which one to actually experiment with and move forward with.

I just got back from purchasing two journal books… I even bought a few “special” pens to write in them with.  Soooo much better than therapy… not to mention a lot less expensive.  We both agreed that this “bump in the road” is a necessary part of growing and living, there are steps I can do in the meanwhile.  I can begin to get some clarity in how I will move forward in my life and what that looks like.  After all, there is art and there is life and there is love… and it is combining these  ingredients that I strive for.

 Aline also suggested that I start blogging in a more intimate manner, sharing a little more of my life… so here it is.  And here’s to whoever reads this… may you be led to amazing people on your people map too.  Thank you Aline!

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