Rising Up

Yesterday, for the first time in a very long time, I walked to see the sun rise over “Solitude,” my favorite oak tree in the Santa Ynez Valley. I’ve been recovering from shoulder surgery so I can’t hop in my car yet, but felt good enough to walk over.

It was bittersweet, in some way, since it was the first time I walked there without my beloved companion, Luna, who I miss every single day. But… I knew she was with me.

See the crow in the upper left corner of this image… I believe, that’s my Luna…my little shape-shifter, the sweet soul who visits me all the time.

I realized how much I miss this early morning time at my special field of special trees. And though one armed, I managed to capture and share the beauty beheld of this incredible sunrise.

You just never know when the rays will show up like that, or peter out. It’s a crap shoot really… but when I woke up, I looked outside my window and saw some whispy clouds so I took a chance.

Nothing like an early morning walk to start your day, organize thoughts and just ‘be.’

Hope you can get out soon for an early morning walk of your own, but if you can’t, here are a couple of images to imagine yourself walking and seeing them.

Shine as bright as you can today… and always!

Love and LIGHT,


PS: If you like these images, please feel free to check out my book, “Endurance” on amazon – There are more beautiful photos of trees and inspirational words. Forward by Deb Davis.


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