No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you. —Althea Gibson

No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you. —Althea Gibson
Collaboration…reminds me of my days as a musician and the unmitigated joy I felt creating music with other musicians. And now, I get to collaborate with the most amazing people, people in my environment, , people across the country, people all over the world, people with dreams and passion and it is ALWAYS fulfilling and contagious! These people include all the women in the documentary and people like Pilar McKay whose goal it is to shed light on and support artists in rural environments.
I am honored to brainstorm with her and excited to see what will grow from these seeds planted. (oh, and this particular beautiful seed was planted by my creative and hardworking nephew, Alex Kreinces, a senior at American University, who introduced to his professor)
There are so many amazing artists in rural settings, particularly here in the Santa Ynez Valley and I believe this connection with Pilar and to Rural Arts and Culture Group will prove to be beneficial to all. I can’t wait to see what unfolds.
 Stay tuned!
Be Brave, Be Strong, Be YOU!
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