My Mother’s Secret

My friend and mentor, Debbie Johnson, wrote this for her mom, Aliene, who just turned 79 yesterday.

My Mother’s Little Secret

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror

And the reflection took me by surprise.

There was no mistaking what I saw,

Those were my Mother’s eyes.

I’d looked in them through out my life

And know them very well.

They are full of love and guidance.

What stories they can tell.

I saw the lines around my mouth.

Had they been there before?

If it’s a smile that makes each one,

I’ll take a whole lot more.

You see I’m not afraid of growing older.

It’s part of life, just one of those things.

And my Mother has shown me the beauty and grace

That each passing year still brings.

She’s taught me many lessons,

Her example has shown the way.

Love deeply and do things for others,

And count your blessings every day.

There’s no such thing as too many diamonds,

Too much food or too much fun!

It’s each experience that makes a life well lived,

And thanking God for each and every one.

I learned that singing makes any job go better,

And that baking is good for the soul.

A homemade gift prepared with love

Makes tummies and hearts feel full.

That life is like a casino.

Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.

But as long as you keep on playing,

It pays off again and again.

I learned to love very deeply,

And feel the pride that only a mother can feel.

To not worry about problems that many never come,

But instead focus here on what’s real.

Sometimes we are taken for granted.

Meals, laundry, cleaning and more.

It’s not that we aren’t important.

It’s just what mothers are for.

Life is truly what you make it,

And my Mother has shown me the way.

That real beauty comes from the inside,

And the years can’t take it away.

In fact living just adds to the beauty,

Just look at my Mother and see.

The years have been very good to her,

And I know they’ll be good to me.

So as I look in the mirror,

And see my Mother’s smile.

I share her little secret

On how to age in style.

It isn’t a cream or a lotion,

In fact there’s no price you can pay.

Simply fill your heart full of love,

And give it all away.

It comes back to you like magic,

Lifting faces and taking wrinkles away.

Just take a look at my Mother,

She’s more beautiful with each passing day.

So as I fill my heart with love,

I see the lines that living can bring.

I remember mom’s little secret

And I’m not worried about a thing.

By DebbieJJohnson ©2010


Country Crossover


Singer Songwriter






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