Marilyn & Eunice, Memphis, TN

This sassy Southern Bell Marilyn, has been working with Eunice for 50 years! That’s as old as I am! It was so entertaining to interview these two. I couldn’t stop smiling from their witty repartee…humor so dry that I had to pay close attention to get their jokes coming out like rapid fire. Eunice keeps a photo of Marilyn’s ‘girls’ at her salon post. The ‘girls’ are two greyhounds who are Marilyn’s pride and joy. Ruby and I felt lucky to have met Marilyn and Eunice and we will be enjoying their energy for a long time to come. As a side note-Eunice has so many clients that are like family…one client even gave Eunice a car. The love is ever-present and proof of the amazingly intimate relationship between client and hairstylist. Stay tuned for some video of these two…


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