Magnificent Menopause – Beauty and Wisdom on the radio!

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Join me and discover how to:
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Embrace the many gifts, challenges and mysteries of Midlife Find a new sense of completeness as a 40 + woman Get your Menopause-related health, beauty and life issues under control- and KEEP them that way!
Each week, show co hosts, Gail Edgell and Carrie Pierce provide all the answers and also a vast array of professionals in the field of Menopause so that your every question is answered clearly, concisely- and with an enjoyable and fun twist!
I’ll be appearing on the show Thursday June 30th, 2011 at 11:30 AM PST/2:30 PM EST and will be discussing the Beauty and Wisdom- the Graceful Lessons of the Invisible Generation.
We’re going to have an informative and in-depth discussion so be sure to join us!


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