Lillian, Her words – Houston, TX

This is an email I received from Lillian, one of my beautiful models in Texas, in response to the interview that was posted yesterday on “Imperfect Women.” I wanted to share it with you because it is so poignant, it made me cry. Lillian will be 83 years young this month on the 19th.

For all the elderly or seniors out there, I thank you for helping me feel more comfortable in my skin. I am also most thankful to my hair stylist, my beautiful daughter Hari for assisting in this process. I have mirrors in assorted sizes and none of them lie and yet my daughter (s) keep telling me how beautiful I am and my son says I am youthful. I suppose it’s true? that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Perhaps the courage we elders have, or the fact that we do see a future down the road and that we face all of it with humor (on most days), gives us that extra sparkle of youth.

Here is the interview found at “Imperfect Women,” a site you should see:


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