Honey Lazar’s “Loving Aunt Ruth”

 I am so honored to present Honey Lazar’s amazing project to you, “Loving Aunt Ruth.”  It is a beautiful and touching testimony to how crucial it is to honor our elders and learn from all they have learned and lived…and loved. Please visit her blog –Aunt Ruth Blog I know you will want to leave her a message because it is impossible to read her words and see her photographs without being moved.   Robbie
The blog offers a pause to reflect on life’s meaning, enjoy a laugh, copy a recipe, or reflect on the Aunt Ruth in your life.

Loving Aunt Ruth is the culmination of everything for which I have cared; family, story, respect, hardship, triumph, humor, and my work as a photographer. Like many Jewish women of the Greatest Generation, Aunt Ruth’s most significant relationships took place within her family, but her reach extended to friends, her temple, and civic duty. She blended Jewish faith with American pride and a deep love of family. 

Aunt Ruth Blog


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