Embracing Maturity

This is an amazing piece of writing about embracing maturity by a woman who contributes her talents to reminding women that they are beautiful at any age. Thank you so much June!

Embracing Maturity

As a woman approaching her mid-fifties and living in a society where there is huge pressure placed on looking good, I have now come to realise beauty and the definition surrounding it, is not all about looking ten years younger than your actual age or turning heads in the street. That is not to say that like other woman of my age, I am of course, concerned about my body visibly deteriorating and getting older but I firmly believe that we should embrace maturity and learn to work with and enhance what we already have.

We always tend to focus on our imperfections and fail to realise that other people never actually see us how we see ourselves. Therefore if we do want to change our appearance in any way be it with diet, exercise or even cosmetic procedures, we should always do it for ourselves and never for someone else. It would not be right (and is probably impossible!) to have reached your mid-fifties and not have any wrinkles; in fact every wrinkle tells a story about the laughter and the tears that has made you the person that you are today and is merely a physical and positive sign of what life is all about.

Dont wake up in the morning and think ‘ I’m getting old’. With determination, you can embrace your increasing maturity and learn to enhance yourself and your self esteem. With the ability to love the fact that you are maturing woman, you can be full of vitality and life. The simple and honest fact is that there will never be a magic formula to physically turn back the clock. Look at what you like about yourself and focus on that, try to be positive about life because inner peace and being positive works wonders on your physical appearance and will make far more difference than any expensive potion in a jar. Regardless of age, if you are happy and have a positive outlook, it will always show on the outside. Try to change things that make you unhappy – at our age we know we need to invest time in looking and feeling the best we can, and if you look your best, that in turn gives you confidence. Beauty is not about being glamorous, but really does come from within and if you are happy with yourself then you will sparkle and your attitude will change – happiness is infectious and if you walk down the street full of inner confidence others will be sure to notice too!

Being middle aged does not mean dressing dowdy or giving up on being stylish. If we look at women in their fifties today, we are so different from our Mother’s time – I could never have imagined my Mum wearing jeans! Our daughters now ask to borrow our clothes and makeup and there has never been a better time to be middle aged. This is now the time we can truly focus on ourselves. Weve brought up our children and worked hard and now its time to be a little selfish! Make the best of yourself, embrace everyday and you will find that everyday will embrace you!

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