Definitively Flexible

Definitively and Flexible together are sort of an oxymoron, yes?  Yet sometimes, they sum up the way my mind thinks.  One minute I feel so strongly about something and the next, I see another point of view and the next minute after that, another point of view.  Maybe it’s the ‘libra’ in me, constantly weighing both sides, but I think there are always, at least, two sides.  As I continue my search for freedom… in my mind, from my emotions, I figure that if I am unable to change my mind about things, then it would be pretty difficult to interrupt old habitual patterns and thoughts that don’t serve me anymore, and create new healthier patterns that serve me better.


No doubt, changing my point of view often will probably drive those around me crazy, and sometimes I experience friends holding me to something I said last week, but… that was last week.  And, I completely believe that we are growing all the time and that I most certainly can grow in a week… in a day, in a minute… because when I change a thought in my mind that serves no one, including me, and I create a new healthy thought, I instantaneously experience the freedom from the old though and think to myself, “wow, how could I have thought any other way to begin with.”  But like all of us, to use an overused term, we are all a work in progress.”  Of course, we are.  That’s what life is hopefully, all about, progression and growth.


For me, strength doesn’t come in adamantly believing in something. It comes from being able to invite and recognize other ways of looking at things, not necessarily agreeing, but at least, acknowledging anoretic’s point of view. Usually, when I am that adamant about y point of view, it isn’t even me that is in the conversation, it is my ego, that little girl who feels the need to “fight” for her right or defend her stance.  And, if I think about it, welcoming her into the mix is also freeing because it is one less thing to judge, about myself, which makes me less judgmental about other things.


With life and things around us ever changing, it’s impossible to remain the same. I would venture to say it is even painful to try and remain the same and I am learning that the more I am like the ocean, with all its tides, moving, ebbing and flowing, the  more peace I find in my heart and soul.


If you relate to this, please let me know and leave a comment.  I really enjoy reading them.


Thanks for listening.

With love and gratitude,



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