Day 1 – This Magic Moment

When I was in my 20’s I was pursuing my music career and living in Manhattan in a little studio apartment. My bed was five feet high on a loft that I had built so I could have my piano in my apartment. My dresser was under my bed. I had pink carpeting and I painted geometric designs on my wall. In one corner I had my recording studio set up, complete with 4 track recording machine and synthesizers. My step-brother, Eddie, built me the coolest wardrobe closet, covered in “mauve” Formica, with a slide out plank that gave me a place to eat. I had two stools from Pottery Barn that I still have since 1985. My apartment on East 91st faced the street and had a tiny terrace which kept me from feeling completely claustrophobic and in the nicer weather I’d sit on the step and play my guitar. The woman in curlers, who lived her life looking out the window across the way, became a usual site and part of the landscape from my fifth floor view. She could probably write this blog post better than I.

During this time in my life, I had the privileged honor of meeting the great songwriter Doc Pomus, thanks to Harold Kleiner. Doc would wind up taking me under his wing as a songwriting student and after some time, he actually wrote a few songs with me and invited me to be in one of his documentaries. For those of you who may not know Doc, he wrote “Save the Last Dance for me,” “This Magic Moment,” “Viva Las Vegas” and many more well known and loved songs. One of the assignments that Doc gave me comes to mind now as my desire to be a better photographer grows. Doc had me write a song or a part of a song, every day. He said, “I don’t care if you like it or hate it or think it’s crap, just write it down, every single day and you will hone your skills.” I loved his theory about writing songs, that it is not only about talent, but skill as well, and skill, is something that improves with practice and time. Thank you Doc.

I often take photographs in the morning when I am walking in the park or my neighborhood and listening to spiritual fodder…but recently I got away from it and I realized how much I missed it. This morning I listened to a davidji podcast from the Chopra Center, about commitment. Commitment to one’s self and to the universe. Sometimes I stray from my commitment to myself and it feels bad. I get edgy and feel a little out of control and lost. So today, I “got back on the horse” and recommitted to my “self”and while having breakfast, I noticed how the light came in through the amazing white flowers on our table. I took a photograph with my phone and I decided, right there, that I was going to commit to taking a photograph every day, without judgment, I will take at least one photograph a day and post it to my blog. If I have something to say, I will accompany it with some text, if not, there will just be an image. I guess this will be sort of a photographic journal.

I hope you enjoy the view…


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