Collective Healing

When I first heard about Twitter or other online communities of networking I was reluctant and skeptical about the whole thing. Today, I am so grateful for being a participant of these communities as I have connected with so many amazing people from all over the world and I feel a collective healing taking place. My so-called “idealistic” views are stronger than ever and I am witnessing true confirmation in all that I see and experience and these online communities are so much a part of this “movement.” I am reassured that the world in all it’s imperfection, is amazingly abundant with people who possess pure souls and desires for contributing love and life and awareness to our universe. All you have to do is read the entries here or see the people on Twitter reaching out to other people, to teach them how to love themselves and others more deeply more honestly. In total, all of this connectedness has to make a collective difference to each one of us individually which creates a universal shift in energy and I just want to say thank you to each woman, each man, who takes the time and makes the effort to create this glorious synergy. I believe that the women here on my blog play a large role in creating this universal love … they are forgiving, understanding and honest and have led the way for me to start living my life as Ellen from New Orleans reminded me, more authentically. And what that means to me, is living ‘my’ life and not another’s life, with love and gentility. I will have so much more of me to share. Stay tuned for more beauties from “The Beauty of Wisdom” and thank you so much for taking the time to be part of my journey. I hope you enjoy this photo I took as the sun rose in Molokai, HI this past September when I became 50 years young.


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