Carey Moore, 84, Taos New Mexico

For the holidays, I road tripped from Santa Monica to Taos, NM with my hubby and 2 dogs.  What a delight to see the wide open road again and all the natural pieces in nature’s museum.  I felt a re-connection to my creativity and to taking pictures with my camera just for fun and the beauty of it.  I always look for landscapes and skyscrapes for Good Morning UniVerse and I was blessed with an abundance of those!   Then… I wasn’t planning on it but I found “Spirits of Beauty,” an amazing salon in Taos, where I met the most amazing spunky 84 year old, Carey.  She has been an actress and a very successful painter.  Along with her oxygen tank, she carries her camera in her pocketbook.  As I took her photograph, she took mine and made us all laugh.  Her spirit lit up that room and our hearts and Carey is proof of beauty and wisdom.


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