Back from New York

Just got back from New York where I have honor of photographing golden ladies in New York City Salon, Federico’s! Amazing and can’t wait to share the photos soon.
Meanwhile, Good Morning UniVerse! is taking off and we are getting lots of followers on twitter (MorningUniVerse) and sign ups for Morning Inspiration (
So happy to be sharing Debbie Johnson’s words and my photographs with everyone.

Bonus for me – I had the chance to photograph Autumn on the east coast… what a dream! Will post some photos soon. I am in computer limbo at the moment as I await my new knight in shining armour — my computer finally threw in the towel and it is time for a new computer, an essential part of my work!

I look forward to sharing some beautiful images with you. For now, wishing you an Autumn filled with beautiful joy and color!!


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