Aliene’s poem to Debbie

This is the reply poem that Aliene wrote to her daughter, Debbie. Amazing and so funny!

My Mother’s Little Secret
Deb wrote it just for me..
The mirror showed a reflection
Her mother she did see.

She saw those bright eyes shining,
The smile you can’t erase.
Yes when she looked into the mirror,
She saw her mother’s face.

She didn’t get the body,
From the neck down to the toe.
She got the love that’s in my heart,
I want you all to know.

She doesn’t have those great big boobs
Hers are rather small.
A reflection of her mother,
But she didn’t get it all.

And she can thank her lucky stars
For a body neat and trim.
For when I get into my clothes,
I fill them to the brim.

My Daughter when you reach my age,
In the mirror what will you see?
A reflection of your mother’s face,
Or will it be All of Me???
By Aliene Bell

Photo: Peggy, Santa Monica, CA


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