A Thank You for the Holidays…

As this year comes to a close, I am exhilarated thinking about the days and months that have led up to now… I have learned so much, from so many and I am utterly grateful to those that read my blog and connect with me through social media.  Yes, as with everything there are pros and cons but I try to concentrate on the pros of it all and I believe that SM has helped me to expand my horizons in so many ways.  Beauty and Wisdom started as a whimsy and has grown into a purpose for me.  I had the privilege of learning that so many people other than myself are looking at how they will choose to age… and ultimately live.  If I was religious, my religion would be to follow all that I have learned from Abraham Hicks….as I practice their teachings as consistently as possible.  I believe most ‘religions’ or philosophies about life are saying the same thing…. love and honor yourself and all else will follow…. or as Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.”  In the past, when I thought of war and all the negative aspects that occur in our world, I felt like I had to do something, be pro-active… but now I realize that taking care of myself and loving myself and learning “is” being pro-active because I believe it is in this action, that I am contributing to the energy in our universe in a positive way which can only grow into more positivity and love which leads to peace.

My wish for all is that you find your peace this year, do what makes you feel good and you can’t help but share it with others…  joy is truly contagious.

Thank you to you all for your support and love and for teaching me to receive and give and let live.
May your New Year shine, brighter than you could have ever imagined it to!

Where do the roads lead? Nowhere… and everywhere… and always, back to you.
Love & Light


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