Day 4 – Good for my Art & Soul

Yesterday I had the most wonderful day.  After dancing in my kitchen (see yesterday’s post)…I met with Jeanie Madsen, owner of the amazing Jeanie Madsen Gallery here in Santa Monica.  Every now and then you meet a kindred spirit and she is one of them. We went to Bergamot Station and perused some galleries and had lunch.  It was such a treat to take in other people’s artwork and to hear what Jeanie thought from a gallery owner’s perspective.  She would throw out ideas about certain pieces that blew me away… little nuances that would enhance a piece beautifully…not change it.


It’s so easy to get comfortable in my bubble and not venture out of it.  Yesterday, I was reminded of how crucial an ingredient it is, to get out and soak up the work of others and feed my art and soul.   I loved seeing Dan Shepherd’s work at DNJ Gallery  along with Dale Johnson’s work By The Sea.  All of the art, whether I liked it or not, was wonderful to see.  Don’t shoot me for making yet another comparison to music but…It’s like listening to a lot of music and absorbing it all and then what comes out is a combination of all the different sounds that made an impact on me.  And another comparison for writing…the adage – if you want to be a good writer, than read voraciously.  It’s this aspect that I miss most about formally studying with a professor…I used to love reading the articles assigned and going to exhibits and then writing about what I saw and how I interpreted it.


Just being in the galleries refueled my desires to have my own work exhibited in galleries and museums…I let the energy fill me and when it came time to have lunch at the amazing Bergamot Cafe I could hardly eat!

Yesterday was a wonderful gift and I consider myself extremely blessed to have shared it with such a beautiful and inspirational woman. Today’s image was actually taken in one of the galleries yesterday.


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