Will I ever look that cool again?

Ok, so here’s a random “musing.”  And even though deep down I know the answer to this question, I felt the need to write about this pondering thought after looking at the models and dresses in a Free People ad I just received via email.

At a time in my life when I feel more free than ever to wear what I want, I sometimes find myself in a cunundrum about how I dress.  With the boho style in fashion now, I find myself reveling in the options I see advertised… but in some way, I think it’s because it reminds me of the 70’s, when I first wore this style.  It was a time of exploration and newness and wildness… hanging out in the back of a white chevy van, listening to Steely Dan, watching my friends drink beer and just feeling… cool… not in a pretentious way, but in a free easy kind of way.  Not many worries or cares… just homework and sports schedule.  As we sat around at the park in our white embroidered peasant shirts, or long flowy sleeved gauze shirts, we had no idea that 35-40 years later, we would be seeing the same styles…. not to mention wide bell bottoms!

In truth, I’m not sure that I have veered off to far from this style, and now when I wear what I have always been wearing, I actually get complimented about being in fashion, something that was more or less just by happenstance.  That’s not to say that I don’t like to experiment with fashionable clothing, because I do.


The thing is, I still pause when I see young models in clothes that I still love and ask the question, “Am I too old to wear that?” or “Am I too old to even like that style anymore?”  And then I ask, “What is too old, really?”  And of course, we all know, there is no “too old.”  It’s whatever we feel good in… it’s that simple. But sometimes, I give myself a hard time… and I guess that’s just human.

The moral? Wear what you want… at any age, at any time… so long as you feel good in it!  And maybe the question should be, “Will I ever FEEL that good in that again?”  And if the answer is yes, go for it!



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