New Year, New Views

If you think adventures are dangerous, try routine: It’s Lethal.
– Paul Coelho

Don’t let fear tell you what you can do.
Anon, The Car Forest, Goldfield, Nevada

First of all, I’d like to wish you all a happy and HEALTHY New Year!

Hope you enjoyed whatever kind of holiday celebration that brought you joy, whether it was heavy duty partying or a peaceful mellow ritual… or both!

Dave, Luna and I hit the road and headed to Wyoming to meet up with family.

Since we are ‘weather’ people (I’m from NY and Dave is from the UK) we try to pay homage to the snow at least once a year.  We drove from Santa Ynez and the sites we drove past were like post cards from the wild wild west.  Snow covered farms, cows, elk and the added gift of seeing moose graced our vision.

It was a different kind of nature than we’re used to here in the valley…. Uh, for one thing, we never saw above freezing temperature the entire time!  

We loved it all… the cold, the snow and the constant aroma of fireplaces wafting in the air constantly.

It was the first time we celebrated Christmas with family in a long time so it was extra special for us.  We skied to the top of Jackson Hole and finally after many years of wanting to see Tetons, I finally got to set my eyes (and camera) on those majestic mountains…. And all before they were shrouded in beautiful snow clouds!  

Grand Tetons, Jackson, Wyoming

The drive home was spectacular… we drove through Wyoming, Utah and Tonopah, a city in Nevada, and stayed at the #1 haunted hotel in the country, “The Mizpah Hotel.”  (Somebody was very happy in that hotel. In fact, there were a ton of dogs in the hotel, VERY dog friendly)

Then Dave surprised me with driving to the Car Forest (image with bus above).  Somebody went to a lot of trouble to get these autos and busses to stand up like they do. What was extra cool was the inspirational messages on them!

The 18 hours it took to get home went by really fast. We didn’t turn on the radio once… just took in the sights and talked.  And pulled over quite a bit to capture the beauty of the road and snowy mountains.

Snow and Barn

It was wonderful to take a vacation, air out and connect.  I learned that leaving chores and work behind is a really healthy thing and creates space in my life and mind even more so for creativity and peace.

Sunset from the road

I’d love to hear about YOUR holiday.

We don’t have to travel far to get away from things. We can shut down our computer, go on walks, cuddle up and read or do something pampering to rejuvenate.

We definitely need to empty out to create space for the new that we want to bring into our lives.  

I’m not into resolutions but I sure am into developing new habits that bring me more joy and better health… and not just in January.  

Here’s to your terrific new year and good health!



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