Endurance, Robbie Kaye’s second monograph, presents the story through photographs of three trees taken over a course of three years in the Santa Ynez Valley in California.

Combined with prose, the images convey the enduring story of Solitude, Magic and Majesty, names attributed to the trees in the book.

They have endured fire, floods and drought and remain strong in stature, not unlike the human experience.

They are survivors.

The foreword is written by Deborah Lee Davis, author, artist and healer.

Endurance is the first book released in the Robbie Kaye, Vol. I Trilogy.

Cracked,  the second book in the trilogy, is now available.

Las Cruces, the final book in the trilogy, will be released and published in October, 2018.

Robbie’s first book, (1st and 2nd edition) “Beauty and Wisdom” is presently out of print.


10% of every book is donated to Nature Track Org. www.naturetrack.org

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