Life on the Road

When my grandson started showing an interest in little toy cars, I started buying them so I could surprise him with one every time I saw him. And when I didn’t see him, I sent one in the mail.  The more cars I bought, the more I began to notice the details on the cars and as I researched where to get ‘the coolest’ cars I found companies that created the most intricate models, with complicated details and features. I learned quite a bit about diecast cars and the different scales.

The likeness of each model was uncanny and as I continued to peruse catalogs, seeing cars from different eras being created and it completely sparked my imagination.  

I started thinking, “What if I created a series of these cars, with ‘tongue in cheek’ meanings or replicas of monumental car chases or scenes from movies?” And in a little while the journey to “Life on the Road” began.

As an avid road tripper, I feel akin to this project, where I get to merge my love for the road with the artistic elements of these miniature automotive replicas. With the intent of provoking thought or the memory of a good movie or historical car chase, I constructed each art piece with various cars, some of which are collector or limited editions, and created the road with resin and sometimes miniature components for aesthetics.