Naked Trees

Naked Trees

In a world full of change and unpredictability, one thing stays constant: the transformative power of nature and beauty.

I transitioned into the fine art world as a classically and jazz trained musician and photographer. I traded in composing notes for light, colors and textures. Like a symphony, where all the instruments come together to create a wall of sound, so do the aesthetics of our environment.

While the trees look bare, they remain strong and very much alive as they wait for spring and renewal. It is a romantic time…a time for going inside. This is where I find myself, time and time again. Infused with essential oils; lavender, amber and ylang ylang, each piece invites the viewer to experience various forms of nature.

I love the freedom of birds which is why I have embedded one in each landscape. Paths connect people, places, choices and treasured memories and my hope is that Naked Trees will do the same.

Robbie Kaye

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