Artist Statement

In May of 2012, when iPhone ‘selfies’ were on the rise, I stood in front of our bedroom mirror and noticed the crack on the bottom and my first thought was, ‘I can’t take a self-portrait in front of a cracked mirror.’ Then, I thought about the imperfections of life, of relationships, of myself and I decided to take my photograph anyway. Interestingly, the cracks multiplied but the mirror stayed in tact, even though it was covering our closet doors, which were being used everyday. I continued taking self-photographs in front of that mirror with my iPhone until July of 2013 when we moved.

As a long time songwriter, I often look at things as metaphor and this wasn’t any different. The mirror, with all its cracks, held up even through the constancy of use and as I looked at myself through this imperfect reflection I started accepting my own flaws more, with love, surrender and sometimes-even acceptance.