My experience of nature in many places has given me the good fortune to collaborate with its beauty, whether subtle or bold.  I love working with clients or a team to deliver their desired aesthetic. I welcome commissioned work where I can work directly with clients or designers in achieving their visions.

Her eye sees and her heart shares, in everything she does. As an artist Robbie presents her work in a wide variety of mediums. Recently I asked her to help me find something or create something for a place above a bathtub. Knowing moisture would restrict my options, she opened her library of images recommending a metal backing for a photo. We finally chose a photo of a sunset in Big Sur. The meager light in this location in a bathroom doesn’t matter, the image still glows and shimmers, reflecting the end of daylight.”

Happy with Robbie, yes. Her creative skills and intuitive matching of client and art piece make her a rare gem.
Karen Roberts, Santa Ynez, CA