Raw From the Road

Deconstruction, from the beginning.

Practice Session for Deconstruction, Self-Portrait in White I was so inspired by DestinyAllison’s blog today, that I have decided to start writing about my experience over the last 6 months and post some images from Deconstruction, Self-Portraits in White, a series that is still in development.  I think it’s time…

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Day 46 – Watering

Watching the trees and grass get watered gave me a feeling like a mom watching their child eat and infesting nutrition. Diana Clark, my first spiritual Guru in Portland, taught me that we are all connected…to everything. That was in 1996 or so….not even 20 years ago. It was a…

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Day 5 – For the Love of Dog!

I had the joy of going on a walk this morning with my youngest stepdaughter and dogs.  Usually, I  notice some nuances that I haven’t seen before but today, she pointed out ones that I have never noticed.  One of these was this adorable dog looking through a fence that…

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