Taking Chances

  Raw From The Road – March 29, 2016 Taking Chances And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud  was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin   This quote by Anais Nin is definitely one of my favorites and I don’t think I’m alone in […]

On Mattering…

On Mattering   I had a huge revelation tonight. After attending a fantastic conference with Brendon Burchard (High Performance Academy) and learning about important questions to ask myself like “do I matter?”, I wondered if I really did matter?   This thought provoking notion really got to me. For the longest time I have felt purposeful […]

Master of Distraction

The longer I live the more I experience how connected we all are energetically. Lately, I’ve been concentrating on focusing on one thing at a time since I’ve come to the conclusion that doing a lot of things at the same time doesn’t get me very far. The more I express this to my friends […]

Beauty and Wisdom Interview with Robbie

A couple of years ago I had the honor of being interviewed by Jean Noel Bassior on her TV web show, Talk Live in L.A.  I worked with Jean Noel in 2010, when I first started writing the Beauty and Wisdom book. She was my book mentor.  I didn’t know a thing about writing a […]

Love You vs I Love You

I don’t know if it’s because we are approaching the month of love, but I’ve been wondering about the nuances of how we tell each other we love each other.  Did we take the “I” out of “I love you” when texting came into view or was it the fast paced world that got faster […]

Escort Service

I lived on the East Coast for all my life until I was 34 and moved to the Pacific Northwest.  My story usually goes like this, “my former husband sent out 1 resume for a new job and was hired. The job was in Portland, OR.  Before that, I thought I’d never live anywhere on […]

What’s the Attraction to Trees?

What’s the attraction to trees?   They lose their leaves, They grow buds, they lose a limb, they withstand storms, they are strong and proud and there is a constancy about them. They are everywhere, watching, enduring, reaching out to the sun, being cleansed by the rain…ever growing.         Be Brave, Be […]

Let’s Create A Breakthrough Year!

  Hey everybody! I hope your new year is off to a fantastic start! For me, this year is going to be full of vulnerability! I am learning that with change comes a lot of unknown and with that, for me anyway, comes a good amount of fear.  Please indulge me while I tell you a […]

Small Manageable Steps

Wow, it’s been 4 months since I’ve blogged or journaled. Too many people are telling me about their journaling and I take that as a sign to get back on track and do it myself. (By the way, why doesn’t my computer register the words journaling and journaled??)  I really like journaling and also blogging, but […]

Wisdom and Humility

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” ~William Faulkner   I just got back from a hot yoga class. I have not done yoga steadily since we moved in July. Needless to say, I am […]

What are Artists Starving For?

Ever think about what exactly a starving artist is?  I have and recently I thought a little deeper about it in regard to my own life as an artist.  Usually when we hear that someone is a starving artist we think that they are poor, “starving” and scrounging around all in the name of art.  […]

The Granny Club

My good friend Karen recently bought my Beauty and Wisdom book for her granddaughter for Christmas and I was so touched I wanted to share her story.  Here is the email she sent me. Karen and Mini I want to give one to my granddaughter.  We have a thing about what we call “The Granny […]

The Most Beautiful Poem about Beauty and Wisdom

My face catches the wind from the snow line and flushes with a flush that will never wholly settle. Well, that was a metropolitan vanity, wanting to look young forever, to pass. I was never a pre-Raphaelite beauty and only pretty enough to be seen with a man who wanted to be seen with a […]

Love, Loss, Learning and 70

I get now what Billy Joel meant when he sang, “Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes.”  However, I don’t think we’re ever prepared to say good-bye… so often, as it seems to be the case lately. Ever since my stepmother passed away only a month and a half ago, I have been hearing […]

Keep On Loving

My very close friend in New York just told me about a ring she wears on her thumb to remind her that it’s always, all about love.  We talked about how easy it is to respond to tense situations with knee-jerk reactions that only seem to hurt ourselves.  As it happens, this past Sunday the […]

I Know A Woman Like That

Tonight at Jeanie Madsen Gallery Elaine and Virginia Madsen will be presenting their documentary, “I Know A Woman Like That.”  This film documents and celebrates the lively and beautiful lives of older women.   Here is a link to the Film Trailer.

I used to love getting my photograph taken.

“I used to love getting my photograph taken” is what Barbara lamented when I asked her to take her photograph. She was reluctant, but in the end, she gave me permission and I’m so happy she did.  She was an opera singer in her day… and you can tell because she is so graceful and […]

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