Growing Boulder Interview

I am thrilled to share this link to my interview with Katy Widrick from Growing Boulder, a fantastic organization who supports that age is all about attitude and beauty is timeless. Please take the time to peruse their website – there are so many amazing videos there!!Shine on!Robbie

The Amara Rose Interviews – Feminine Wisdom

Here is a link to an article, “Feminine Wisdom.” written by Amara Rose. It is so poignant and wonderful I whole-heartedly recommend it and while you are there, visit her website – it is a treasure trove of inspiration. this article she interviews a woman who at the age of 101, still runs her […]

Embracing Maturity

This is an amazing piece of writing about embracing maturity by a woman who contributes her talents to reminding women that they are beautiful at any age. Thank you so much June! Embracing Maturity As a woman approaching her mid-fifties and living in a society where there is huge pressure placed on looking good, I […]

Rita, Memphis, TN

As these women get older, they outlive their spouses, friends and family. Their bond to their longtime hairstylist grows even stronger and they socialize and keep each other company. Tonight, Rita is going out to dinner and a movie with Eunice, who she has worked with, laughed and cried with, for 50 years. They have […]

Doris & Pepe, Long Island, NY

Our mothers and grandmothers were the housekeepers, the silent partners of accounting and organizing family gatherings, the emotional anchors that we all leaned on. In their day, where else could they go to get replenished? Therapy was not popular or affordable, support groups – hardly established…so they went to the beauty parlor, not only to […]

Aliene’s poem to Debbie

This is the reply poem that Aliene wrote to her daughter, Debbie. Amazing and so funny! My Mother’s Little SecretDeb wrote it just for me..The mirror showed a reflectionHer mother she did see. She saw those bright eyes shining,The smile you can’t erase.Yes when she looked into the mirror,She saw her mother’s face. She didn’t […]

My Mother’s Secret

My friend and mentor, Debbie Johnson, wrote this for her mom, Aliene, who just turned 79 yesterday. My Mother’s Little Secret I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror And the reflection took me by surprise. There was no mistaking what I saw, Those were my Mother’s eyes. I’d looked in them through out […]

Jenny #2, Santa Monica, CA

Please visit the new video on YouTube and meet Jenny from The Beauty of Wisdom collection.

Aggie, 87. Memphis, TN

Aggie is cool, calm and collected. She wore a yellow thin sweater with a beautiful large gold cross necklace. Sophistication fell off her soft, southern drawl as she spoke about Gene’s harmonica playing or jewelry that he made. Agnes has been going to Gene for 40 years. Here is a comment from Eileen in regard […]

Pauline, Conroe, TX

Look at that smile and that pure white snowy hair! Pauline recently had a new pacemaker replaced and was in pain, but you would never know it. It was like she was visiting a family member as she told Kathie, her hairstylist, all about the procedure and you could see her pain falling away as […]

Timeless Beauty-Guest Post by Rebecca Elia

I am so happy to have found Rebecca Elia on Twitter and so excited to post her words and thoughts on Timeless Beauty on my blog. Please visit her website and the links she has generously provided. Timeless BeautyOnce again, I am thankful to Twitter for connecting me with like-minded people. More and more women […]

Marilyn & Eunice, Memphis, TN

This sassy Southern Bell Marilyn, has been working with Eunice for 50 years! That’s as old as I am! It was so entertaining to interview these two. I couldn’t stop smiling from their witty repartee…humor so dry that I had to pay close attention to get their jokes coming out like rapid fire. Eunice keeps […]

Blossom’s Hand, Long Island, NY

Blossom’s hand, the hand of a woman, still working, still dressed impeccably and rich in years and life experience. Her manicurist, younger hands adding to the beauty of her elder…there is something very beautiful and poignant about this generational “hand off” – an evident camaraderie.

Harriet, Santa Monica, CA

Harriet gets taken to the beauty parlor by her daughter for her weekly appointment. She is shy and has been working with her stylist, Cindy, for quite awhile. Her stylist used to own the shop where she is now. I love the way Harriet’s curlers match her shirt, color coordinated like her shoes and cane. […]

Response from Lillian’s Friend, Joy

Hello Lily, You are right, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your beauty is definitely more than skin deep and certainly surrounds your heart and soul. I loved your letter to Robbie Kaye and thank both of you for making all of us altahs feel so much more attractive in our present […]

Lillian, Her words – Houston, TX

This is an email I received from Lillian, one of my beautiful models in Texas, in response to the interview that was posted yesterday on “Imperfect Women.” I wanted to share it with you because it is so poignant, it made me cry. Lillian will be 83 years young this month on the 19th. For […]

Collective Healing

When I first heard about Twitter or other online communities of networking I was reluctant and skeptical about the whole thing. Today, I am so grateful for being a participant of these communities as I have connected with so many amazing people from all over the world and I feel a collective healing taking place. […]

Julie, Baton Rouge, LA

This is Miss Julie. She was reluctant at first to have me take her photograph, but Glenn, her hairstylist at the Hair Unlimited, persuaded her and once we got started she was just fine. Julie worked through her 70’s and is now retired at 85. She’s been working with Glenn for 7 years and to […]

Vera & Paula, Conroe, TX

In my travels, I discovered the apparent connectedness shared not only between client and hairstylist but also between all women in the salon, like here at Kathie’s in Conroe Texas. In Dr. Joyce Nelson Patenaude’s book, “Too Tired To Keep Running, Too Scared To Stop” she shares a story that was told to her by […]

Ruby, Eunice, Robbie – Memphis, TN

This summer on the road, I had the privilege of traveling with my step-daughter, friend and talented videographer, Ruby. Here we are standing with Eunice at Gould’s Salon in Memphis, TN. Eunice was one of the many amazing women we encountered on our journey. I told you a bit about her before, but there is […]

Lillian, Houston, TX

To start my travels off, I drove to Houston, where I photographed Hari who is the hairstylist for her mom, Lillian. They were so cute together and Lillian’s warmth touched me in a way that was reminiscent of my own family…like getting a big hug from one of my great aunts at a Bar Mitzvah. […]

Gene Finney, Memphis, TN

// is an 81 yr old hair-stylist at Gould’s in Memphis, TN. He serenades his clients, as he does here serenading me, with his harmonica playing and keeps his recorded music close by as well as the jewelry he makes. He has worked here for 55 years. He adores his clients and it’s obvious that […]

Venus, Marina Del Rey, CA

Venus reminds me of a soldier, a proud soldier…maybe it’s the buttons on her shoulder and her posture. I wonder what it would be like if all women were this proud at her age, no self-consciousness…just right there….here I am. Such a fantastic role model.

Southern Ladies #2 – Brantley, Alabama

I have never seen such camaraderie as I have at Sheila’s in Brantley, Alabama. Madeleine brought flowers and later swept the floor, Suzie brought blueberries and Juanita folded hair towels while she was under the dryer. These “real” steel magnolias were so kind and they connected with each other and helped Sheila in her salon […]

Patti & Florette, California

A place for women to connect, to talk, to share joys, tragedies and everything from the color of paint for their house to how they are getting through the loss of their spouse. They count on seeing each other the same time every week and that’s a good feeling…to spend time with “sisters” and shoot […]

Eunice, Memphis, TN

Eunice is 75 years old and has been a hairstylist in Memphis for 54 years at Gould’s Salon. She has seen times and techniques change more than anybody I have interviewed. I don’t doubt that someday she will have a book written about her life and I hope to be part of that process someday. […]

Mrs. Guste, New Orleans, LA

Mrs. Guste lost a lot in Katrina, but in so many ways, she didn’t lose a thing…not her humor, not her gratitude, not her steadfast belief that everything is borrowed and when it leaves, it’s time to give it back. She did not let me take her photo while under the dryer, but when she […]

Elizabeth, Brantley, AL

Elizabeth is a teacher who taught Sheila (her hair-stylist), Sheila’s mom and Sheila’s daughter. Three generations, one teacher…pretty amazing. Elizabeth’s hair is like freshly fallen snow, soft, full and full of wonder. She is one of the “Southern Ladies” group in Alabama and a real Steel Magnolia.

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