Robbie’s intent is not to reflect or convey anything ‘concrete’ or ‘real’ but to tell a story through aesthetics and elements of composition. We can see the three main elements that abstract artwork encompasses: focus on form, color and texture – all three are dominant in Robbie’s work and visualize Robbie’s desire to invite people to interpret her work through their own lens. I am also really impressed by how the artist skillfully expresses the mood and the atmosphere of the landscape she depicts.
Liza Zhurkovskaya
Art Curator, Gallery Owner and Consultant





In 2021, my sweet beloved companion, Luna, a beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd was diagnosed with cancer.

Like all the art in my life, Luna was my therapy as well. It was at this time I started painting trees and paths. We had hiked many trails together and I knew those days of walking in nature were coming to an end, of sorts.

The painting, I’ll Take You There, was the first of this collection. I believe it was a way to create a path between me and Luna. The blue represents her expressive and beautiful eyes and the trees, the coloring of her fur.

I believe in spirit animals and that Luna’s spirit shows up as a bluebird, which can be spied in several of my paintings.

There are various birds painted in all the works of Naked Trees. They represent life, so present in winter, a season that invites going inside, to contemplate and renew.

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